Product Category: Wood Texture Handle

Pressure Cooker

  • UNIQUE LID with adjustable 3 Different Pressure Setting through Hissing Whistle:1> Steam Cooking Setting, 2> Low Pressure Setting, 3> High Pressure Setting. Different type of foods require different pressure for cooking. For example, vegetables, momos, idli, dhoklas, etc. can be cooked on Steam Cook
  • IMPACT BONDED BOTTOM with Aluminium Core for Even Heat Distribution and Long Lasting Durability. Stainless Steel Body Constructed from 304 grade material.
  • DUAL SAFETY MECHANISM:1> Pressure Valve Lock - as the pressure develops inside the cooker while cooking, the safety valve on lid with red tip, rises above securing and locking the lid. The lid can only be opened when the pressure inside the cooker subsides or completely released. 2> Gasket Release S
  • HIGH QUALITY FOOD GRADE SILICONE GASKET to retain its flexibility and elasticity. Stay-Cool Phenolic Handles with Flame Guard. Easy One Hand Operation for Opening and Closing of Lid. Works on Induction, Gas and Electric Heat Source. Dishwasher Safe
Item Code Diameter(cm) Height(cm) Capacity(Ltr)
11501 18.0 10.00 2.5
11502 18.0 12.60 3.2
11503 22.0 11.85 4.5